It's Deeper Than Love



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Independent Artist
Singer-Songwriter with Alternative R&B and Neo-Soul vibes
Birthed from 90’s R&B, Soul, Jazz, and Blues

Fashion Designer
Unique and Original expressions with casual and high fashion styles
From the Royaltiez Clothing brand
Deeper Than Love LLC is an Independent Record Label, venturing into Real Estate and rental properties, bringing Provoked Thought, a lounge, performance venue, and a home to the Royaltiez Clothing brand, to the Atlanta Metro area.


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IThinkItsBBP Is A Self Sustaining Artist, Guitarist, Vocalist, Engineer, Pianist, Writer, And Producer, But One Of His Greatest Assets Is Undoubtedly His Character. Those Who’ve Grown With Him All Agree That He Is A Loving Son, Devoted Brother, And Gentle Soul, Who Also Happens To Be A Phenomenal Artist.


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Devon Veal

Devon is a 26 year old model and tattoo artist known as King Doob, or The Doobie King🤴🏽, and is considered to be a jack of all trades when it comes to anything related to creativity or any means of artistic expression. You cannot spell H.U.S.T.L.E. without STL, the core of who he is and all That he does.


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Malissa The Artist

Malissa Is A Self Taught Photographer, Artist, Model, And Poet. As A Fiery Leo, Writing Down Her Emotion Showed Her Who She Was On Paper, Like Staring Into A Mirror. Through COVID Came Her Love For Abstract Art. She Grew Her Audience Posting BTS Videos Of Her Creative Process. Beauty In The Unexpected.


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An up and coming soul singer who uses her voice to move her listeners, and refuses to let go until the very last note. Laneé is professionally trained, and continues to be an impactful voice for her people. Keep up with Laneé and the new music coming soon.


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Logan Khole

Logan Khole is an independent Singer and Songwriter who has no filter or genre. He is always creating outside the box, and testing the limits of his sound. This Cancer sign creates a vibe with any and every mood he switches to. For Logan, life is his inspiration.


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